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Carey Benson

Western Skies Aussies

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First and foremost, I owe HUGE debt of gratitude  to Leslie Woolery of Antique Aussies. I've known Leslie for 20+ years and she has been a great mentor and friend over the years.  Not only did she choose me to be Kai's owner - she has continued to hold my hand though this amazing adventure.  Les...I couldn't have done it without you! 


Second, Kat Wallis of Black Diamond Show Dogs, who has taken Kai under her wing, taken care of her like her own, and helped Kai earn her AKC Championship. Kat is an excellent handler and I have always been impressed with how she takes care of my girl.

Meka will now join the ranks of Western Ski's Aussies and continue on with our amazing breeding program.


​Where it all started....​

Greetings and welcome! A little more about me and Western Skies Aussies...


Western Skies Aussies started in 2012 with a feisty blue merle girl who stole my heart - Antiques Blue Makai or "Kai". Right from the start I knew she was the one for me. With her beautiful markings, silly personality, and heart of gold, I knew I had a star in the making.


Kai is the first show dog I've owned and she has been SO worth it.  I can't describe the amount of pride I felt when she earned her Championship at only two years old and with just under a year of showing.  You can usually find her sitting at my feet, looking at me expectantly waiting for our next adventure.

Next came Kai's little girl Antique's Western Skies Ropin' The Wind "Meka". Meka is ready to take on the amazing lineage started with Kai. Be on the lookout for updates on Meka's show career and mommy hood!!

So, why the Aussie???


I was raised under the wide-open Western Skies of Wyoming and was blessed to share my childhood with an abundance of animals. My favorites were always the horses - I was riding and showing from the time I could sit up straight in a saddle!


Through my involvement with horses, I was introduced to the ULTIMATE barn dog - The Australian Shepherd.  Their perpetual "smile" and fluffy, wiggling butts charmed me!  As I spent more time around them, I came to learn that behind their gorgeous  (and perpetually shedding...) coats are wonderful family dogs that are incredibly loyal and simply love their people.  The Aussie needs to be part of her family - and, as I've learned from the past,  the rewards for making one part of your family are immeasurable.  

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